This certificate is designed for Registered Nurses with previous experience to obtain the education necessary for them to challenge the National Registry Exam for Paramedics.


  • Current RN certification
    3 years of experience in ICU/ER or equivalent
    • Prior/current EMS certifications will be evaluated to meet portions of this requirement on a case by case basis
  • Current AHA BLS/ACLS certifications prior to enrolling
  • All applicants will be required to purchase Fisdap Comprehensive Paramedic Exam prior to the first class session.

Required Resources

  • Walraven Basic Arrythmias 8th ed. (ISBN: 978-0134380995)
  • Brady Volume 5 (ISBN: 978-0134449753)
  • Paramedic Prep Book (ISBN: 978-1-5062-4567-6)
  • Pre-recorded lectures will be provided on Blackboard
    • Some Pre-recorded lectures will be required while other will serve as optional supplements
  • Students will be required to track class skills and clinical through Platinum Planner
  • Students will have weekly quizzes on EMS Testing consisting of 100 questions to help prime the student to take the National Registry exam (EMS Testing and Platinum Planner are separate sections of the same platform)

Clinical Requirements

  • Due to the educational background and work experience of each student, the student will be given credit for all hospital rotations except for Operating Room (OR) shifts
  • Each student will be required to complete:
    • a minimum of 120 hours (10 shifts) with UMC EMS
    • Must obtain and document 20 consecutive team leads (runs call from beginning to end with minimal assistance from preceptors)
    • 8 hours OR with a minimum of 2 intubation 6 preferred
      • Student must be signed off by SPC faculty demonstrating competency in endotrachealintubations prior to being released to OR shift(s)

Cost:  $1000.00

Step 1:  Complete the SPC CE Application

Step 2:  Provide Proof of Immunizations 

  • TDAP current in last 10 years
  • MMR x2
  • Hepatitis B vaccination (all 3 shots) Chicken Pox Vaccine
  • Flu shot in last 12 months
  • TB Test in last 12 months

Step 3: Register with Jacob Braddock

Names must match on both documents and not expire before the end of class.
Email-jbraddock@southplainscollege.edu or (806) 716-4877.


Class Offerings:

Thursdays from 8 am-5pm starting June 9 and ending August 11, 2022