CL. Disposal of Property

Property, equipment and supplies that are no longer usable by a department must be disposed of in accordance with the following procedures:

1. Relocate or redistribute within the system or;
2. Public Auction - Periodically as disposable items accumulate in sufficient quantities, the college may dispose of them by way of public auction or;
3. Sealed Bids - Should there not be sufficient items accumulated for public auction sealed bids may be taken.

4. Property and equipment that has been purchased with federal/state funds will follow the rules and regulations listed in policy CS Financial Management of Grant Funds.

Should property, equipment, or supplies be offered for sale by public auction or sealed bids the college shall advertise in the local and/or regional newspaper on at least two separate occasions. No sale shall be made until the fourteenth day after the first notice is published.


Revision issued: April 25, 2017

Approval: Executive Council