CBF. Computer and Electronic Device Acquisition Policy



This Operating Policy defines the policies and procedures regarding acquisition of computers and electronic devices for official College use.



South Plains College is required to make all purchases within the laws and guidelines established by the State of Texas. This includes the Texas Education Code, Attorney General Opinions, Texas Local Government Code, Texas Government Code and Texas Uniform Commercial Code and established SPC Board Policies. These policies will apply to all purchases of computers, electronic devices, and accessories.



For the purpose of this policy, the term “computer(s)” refers to a laptop or desktop computer. For the purpose of this policy, the term, “electronic device(s)” refers to any tablet, phone, or other electronic computing device excluding laptop computers and desktop computers. For the purpose of this policy, the term “accessories” refers to auxiliary input devices such as a mouse or keyboard, output devices such as monitors, scanners, printers, and speakers, and any other component not critical to the operation of the primary device.


It is the responsibility of Information Services and the Director of Purchasing, under the direction of the Executive Director of Administrative Services, to maintain a centralized computer budget for acquisition of all College computers. Employees and departments shall not budget for or maintain funds for computers in departmental accounts. Electronic devices and accessories are the responsibility of each department. Information Services and the Purchasing Department will assist in acquisition; however, employees shall use their departmental accounts to fund purchases of this nature and are responsible for the budgeting and maintenance of those accounts.



Computers will be ordered by the Purchasing Department in consultation with Information Services. All computers shall be a Windows machine model chosen by Information Services to be consistent with established standards and in accordance with existing purchasing contracts. Employees are not permitted to directly place orders for a computer without prior written permission from the Director of Purchasing. Circumstances requiring a computer brand or model other than the established standard are subject to review and approval by the Director of Purchasing. Approval shall only be granted where there is a legitimate need for computers with specifications not afforded by the established standard of computer model. Electronic devices may be purchased by way of requisition for a purchase order. Use of a South Plains College credit card is prohibited for the purchase of electronic devices. The Purchasing Office will assist in the acquisition of tablets, and other electronic devices.



1. A new employee shall receive the computer previously maintained by their predecessor unless it is deemed inoperable or otherwise in unsatisfactory condition. If the new employee inherits a non-Dell computer, that computer is eligible for replacement. To determine condition status, Information Services shall collect, clean, update, and repair transferrable computers prior to issuance to a new employee. Computers that cannot be refurbished to a satisfactory cleanliness and working condition will be replaced by a new computer. The employee is eligible, but not required, to receive a new computer if the existing computer is 5 years in age or older regardless of condition. 2. An employee filling a newly created position shall receive a new computer in accordance with this policy.



All computers shall be requested from Information Services. iPads must be ordered through the Purchasing Office. Other brands of tablets must be approved by Information Services prior to order. To obtain a new computer; 1. The employee requesting a new computer shall submit a service ticket to the Information Services Help Desk to resolve any issues with the current computer. If the computer can be serviced/ repaired to an acceptable working condition, the employee will not be eligible to receive a new computer. If a computer cannot be returned to an acceptable working condition, Information Services will provide the employee with a new computer from a stock of the most current model of authorized computer. 2. If Information Services does not have a new computer in stock, or if a different brand/model not in stock is approved by the Director of Purchasing in accordance with this policy, a loaner will be provided to the employee until their newly ordered computer can be delivered. 3. Employees are eligible, but not required, to receive a new computer if their computer is 5 years or more in age regardless of condition. 4. Upon receipt of a new computer, employees shall relinquish their old computer to Information Services. Important computer data shall be transferred to the College’s cloud data storage or external storage hardware for access rather than maintained on replaced computers.



Upon creation of a purchase order for a computer or electronic device, the item is to be marked in the purchase order system by the Director of Purchasing as an asset to be inventoried. When Information Services relinquishes a computer to an employee, they shall provide the computer and employee information to the Director of Accounting for inventory record updates.



This policy does not govern the purchase of electronic equipment used for instruction in academic and technical programs other than faculty, staff, and classroom computers.