DZ. Solicitation and Distribution


To ensure a productive work environment where employees and college operations may function without disruption. This policy applies to employees and non-employees during work time and while on college premises.


South Plains College strives to establish a work environment that is productive and without undue disruptions to the workday.

- Soliciting by one employee of another, or collecting from one employee by another, is prohibited while either employee is on work time.

- Distributing literature and circulating petitions during work time or in work areas at any time is also prohibited.

- Trespassing, soliciting or distributing literature by anyone outside the college is prohibited on college premises.

- South Plains College reserves the right to refuse access to anyone.


ORP REPRESENATIVES. ORP representatives may visit with faculty and enrolled staff to service those employee’s accounts. These visits should be arranged during times that will minimize disruption of normal duties. Also, ORP representatives may meet with new employees who are eligible to participate in ORP during New Employee Orientation at specified times and locations.

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS. Student organizations may engage in fund raising activities in the Student Union building provided normal staff supervision is available.


Work time. All time on the College premises.

Work areas. All areas on the College premises.


Amendment: New Policy
Approved By
: Executive Council
Nature of Revision: New Policy
Date Issued
: 11/97