CRA. Naming of Buildings and College Property

The Board of Regents reserves the final right to name a building or other College District property, including, but not limited to, a facility, wing of a building, major component of a building, prominent outdoor space, or academic program. With regard to naming rights for a philanthropic purpose, the Board may receive a recommendation from the President after review by the College Foundation Board under regulations promulgated by this policy.


General Principles

Although donations are important, the relationship between a donor and the College District is paramount. Naming rights are assigned for functional or philanthropic purposes, but the planning process in this regulation applies to philanthropic naming rights only. Functional naming of a building or other College District property may occur as appropriate.

A substantial donation may result in a recommendation to name a building or other College District property if submitted in accordance with the procedures in this regulation. Donations through pledges or other deferred giving may quality for naming rights when the entire donation is received by the College District Foundation.


A building or portion thereof may be named to memorialize a person closely associated with the College District or to memorialize or otherwise recognize substantial gifts and significant donors or individuals designated by donors.


Exceptional individual service to the institution may be recognized by a special permanent commemorative placed in a facility with which the individual is closely identified.

The Board of Regents or the College District Foundation Board, or both, may reject any gift for any reason as a matter of absolute discretion.



Before the initiation of any proposed development campaign to solicit private donations to name a building or other College District property, approval must be granted by the President in consultation with the College District Foundation Board. The proposed development campaign shall include elements of the campaign, property designated for naming, nature of the private donation, and other relevant information. Prior approval by the President in consultation with the Foundation Board is also required when donations are solicited from an individual who wishes to name a building or other College District property.



Naming of a campus landscape item, including but not limited to a tree, bench, or brick is not governed by this regulation. But the Vice President for Institutional Advancement shall be notified of any naming rights that are proposed to the College to ensure that all efforts are made to maximize the relationship with each donor.



The following procedures apply to a proposal for naming rights under this regulation:

  1. Written proposals to name buildings or other College District property shall be submitted to the President who may give preliminary approval to proceed with the naming proposal or reject it.
  2. If the proposal is approved to proceed, the President shall convene the appropriate parties to finalize a recommendation for naming rights in concert with the donor. The parties may include, not are not limited to, the Chairman of the Board of Regents, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, the Vice President for Business Affairs, the Foundation Board President, other Foundation Board members, the Director of Development and Alumni Relations, or College District legal counsel.
  3. If the gift is to be received by the Foundation on behalf of the College District, the finalized recommendation is presented to the Foundation Board of Directors for approval to accept the gift.
  4. Upon approval, the President shall submit the recommendation to the Board of Regents for approval.
  5. The decision of the Board of Regents is final.
  6. Upon approval, suitable signs bearing the name shall be placed on the building or other College Property as defined in this regulation.


Removal or Change in Name 

The Board of Regents reserves the right to remove or change a name for any reason at any time, including but not limited to: the occurrence of a future action or event that will cause irreparable injury to the College's image, reputation or ability to pursue its mission; if the donor does not fulfill his or her gift commitment at the completion of the agreed-upon payment period; or a change in family or organizational circumstances causes the donor or other affected individual(s)/organizations(s) to request a name change or revocation. Under this policy, the modification or change in a building name shall follow the same procedures used for a proposal for naming rights. The College shall make all reasonable efforts to inform the original donor or the donor's heirs/designees in advance of any revocation or change.



"Building or other College District property" means a building, residence hall, center, facility, wing of a building, major component of a building, large auditorium, concert hall and major performing spaces, atrium, prominent outdoor space, academic departments, non-academic departments, major academic centers and programs as well as institutes. This definition also includes a classroom, laboratory, exhibition space, small performance space, library room or space, administrative room or space, non­academic room or space, conference room, small athletic room or space or facility, patient room, small centers or institutes and collections of art or books. The above designations are not all inclusive, but are for illustration purposes only.


Date Issued: August 8, 2019

Approved: Board of Regents