FZ. Student Death



The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines that will support an orderly, effective, and caring response in the event of a student death on campus or during a college sponsored event.


This policy applies to all students of South Plains College, as defined below.


All College personnel must comply with this policy.



Primary Contact

The vice president for student affairs, or dean of students as secondary, will serve as the single point of contact for family members who wish to speak with SPC employees or students concerning the death of their Student.



An individual who is enrolled at SPC at the time of death; or an individual who has completed the immediate preceding term at SPC and is eligible for re-enrollment, in the event the death occurs during the recess period between fall and spring semesters or summer sessions. Students may also be part-time employees of the institution. If a person does not fit this definition of a student, the College will follow Policy CMB – Records Management of Deceased Person.

College References to the College indicates South Plains College and may be referred to as SPC


SPC Sponsored Travel

Travel which is led by a College employee or for which academic credit is awarded, or any other travel administered by, conducted under the direction of, or with financial support from, any College department, program, or office.



Notification of Appropriate Campus Officials

Once the College has been notified of a student death, FZA Student Death Protocol will be initiated.


Disclosure of Records/Release of Records

Requests for information about a deceased Student may be received by many individuals and offices. All requests for information should be referred to the family’s primary contact. Such requests shall be considered on an individual basis, in consultation with the general counsel as appropriate. Primary consideration will be given to written requests that are supplied to the

immediate or surviving family of the deceased. In all cases, proof-of-death in the form of a death certificate is required. Refer to Policy CMB for documenting and closing the Student’s records.


Original Effective Date: Administrative Council, 11-2-2022