FBAB. Posting of Announcements and Signs

Distribution and posting of printed materials and publications on SPC property must be approved by the Director of Student Life on the Levelland Campus, the Dean of the Reese Center, the Director of the Plainview Center in Plainview or the Associate Dean of Workforce Development at the Lubbock Center Center. Upon approval, the following regulations must be observed:

1. Posters may be placed only in designated areas. The appropriate administrator will provide this information.

2. Posters must bear the appropriate approval stamp.

3. Posters may not be posted on any painted surface or wooden doors. No displays should damage any physical property.

4. Persons responsible for the placement of material are responsible for its removal within two weeks or immediately after the advertised event.

5. All posted material will be removed if they are not in good taste or these posting and distribution regulations are not met.

6. Placing materials on automobiles is strictly prohibited.


Revised 2/18/2013

Approved by Executive Council