Section A: District Legal Status, History and Purpose

Section B: Governance, Executive Functions and Organization

BA.   Purpose, Powers and Responsibilities of the Board
BAB. Specific Duties of the Board (BL)
BAC. Rights and Responsibilities of the Board (BL)
BB.   Eligibility and Qualifications for Serving on the Board of Regents (BL)
BBA. Election of Board Members (BL)
BBB. Orientation and Professional Development of Board Members (BL)
BBC. Election of Board Officers (BL)
BBD. Duties of the Chairman of the Board (BL)
BBE. Duties of the Vice Chairman (BL)
BBF. Duties of the Secretary (BL)
BC.   Regular Board Meetings (BL)
BCA. Special Meetings (BL)
BCB. Official Business at Regular and Special Meetings (BL)
BCC. Quorum Necessary for Transaction of Business (BL)
BCD. Order of Business (BL)
BCE. Rules of Order (BL)
BCF. Public Participation (BL)
BCG. Board Self Evaluation
BD.   Board Committees (BL)
BE.   Conventions, Conferences and Workshops (BP)
BF.   Policy and By-Law Development (BP)
BFA. Amendments to the By-Laws (BL)
BG.  Board Member Statement of Ethics
BGA. Standards of Conduct and Conflict of Interest
BGAA. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
BGB. Code of Ethics (BP)
BH.  Board Vacancies
BHA. Removal from Office
BI.   Employment of the College President (BL)
BIA. Qualifications of the President (BP)
BIB. The College President as the Executive Officer (BP)
BIC. Evaluation of the President (BP)
BID. Administrative Organization Plan (BP)
BIDA. College Organizational Chart (PDF file opens with Acrobat Reader, 380kb)
BIE. Administrative Rules and Regulations (BP)
BIF. Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (BP)
BJA. Employment of Independent Auditor (BP)
BJB. Employment of College Attorney (BP)
BJC. Selection of Chief Tax Officials (BP)
BK. Relationship between South Plains College and the South Plains College Foundation, Inc. (BP)
BKA. Foundation Administration and Investment of Funds (BP)
BKB. Use of Employees or Property of the College by the Foundation (BP)
BKC. Officer/Director of the College (BP)
BKD. Acceptance of Gifts by the College (BP)
BL. Accreditation (BP)
BLA. Substantive Change

Executive Officers of the College
BMA. Vice President for Academic Affairs
BMB. Vice President for Student Affairs
BMC. Vice President for Business Affairs
BMD. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Instructional Deans of the College
BME. Dean of Arts and Sciences
BMF. Dean of Health Sciences
BMG. Dean of Technical Education
BMH. Dean of Dual Enrollment & Distance Education
Student Services Deans of the College
BMI. Dean of Enrollment Services
BMJ. Dean of Students
BMK. Associate Dean of Students
BN.   Executive Council
BO.  Administrative Council
BP.  Advisory Board By-Laws
BQ. Technical Advisory Committee By-Laws

Section C: Business Services

Section D: Personnel

DA. Affirmative Action Plan (BP)
DAA. Americans with Disabilities Act
DB. Non-Discrimination Policy (BP)
DBA. Protection of Rights and Development
DBC. Conflict of Interest Policy
DBC-E. Disclosure Form
DBD. Intellectual Property Policy
DBDA. Student Intellectual Property Rights
DBE.  Copyright/Patent Fair Use Policy
DC. Grievance Procedure
DD. Replaced by DDA
DDA. Sexual Harassment Policy
DDB. Racial Harassment Policy
DDC. Due Process (Dismissal/Non-Renewal)
DDD. Corrective Action
DDE. Employee Conduct and Work Rules
DDEA. Smoking in the Workplace (See Policy GF)
DDF. Personal Appearance
DDG. Workplace Violence/Firearms (See Policy HHA)
DE. Substance Abuse Policy
DEA. Substance Abuse Program Implementation
DF. Employment Procedures
DFA-E. Personnel Requisition
DFB-E. Personnel Action Form
DFD-E. Affirmative Action Letter
DFE-E. Employment Application
DFEA-E. Supplement to Professional Application
DFF-E. Approval Notice and Status Change Notice
DFG-E. Application for Classified Positions
DFH-E. Part-Time Teaching Applicants
DFJ. Nepotism (BP)
DFK-E. Oath of Office Form
DFL. Definitions of Employment Status
DGA. Personnel Records and Privacy
DH. Employee Benefits Plan (BP)
DHA. Employee Benefits Program
DHAA. Sick Leave
DHB. Worker Compensation and Sick Leave
DHBA. Maintaining a Safe Work Environment
DHBB. Accident/Injury Reports
DHC. Disability Policy (BP)
DHDA. Family and Medical Leave of Absence
DHDA-E. FLMA Checklist
DHE. Personal Leave
DHF. Bereavement Leave
DHG. Professional Development Travel (BP)
DHGA. Professional Leave Approval
DHH. Professional Development Leave, Faculty (See Section 5.4 of Faculty Handbook)
DHI. Leave of Absence (BP)
DHJ. Military Leave (BP)
DHK. Vacations
DHL. Jury Duty
DHM. Group Insurance
DHN. Tax Sheltered Annuity
DHNA. South Plains College Pension Trust Fund
DHOA. Payroll Deduction
DHP. Definitions of Payroll/Personnel Actions
DI. Retirement Policies
DIA. Texas Teacher Retirement System
DIB. Optional Retirement Program (BP)
DIC. Medical Benefits Following Retirement
DID. Retirement Recognition
DIDA-E. Retirement Award
DIE. Retiree use of College Facilities
DL. Outside Employment of Faculty and Staff (BP)
DM. University Interscholastic League (UIL) Assignments and Responsibilities
DN. Parking Regulations
DO. Facility Access
DOA-E. South Plains College Key Request Form
DP. Building Security
DQ. Personnel Classifications
DQA. Employee Handbook, General
DQG. Handbook Supplement, Classified Part-Time (Class A)
DQH. Handbook Supplement, Classified Part-Time (Class B)
DQI. Handbook Supplement, Classified Full-Time (Class C)
DQJ. Handbook Supplement,  Maintenance and Custodial Personnel
DQK. Handbook Supplement, Police Officers
DQL. Handbook Supplement, Dorm Supervisor
DR. Compensation Schedule and Options (BP)
DRA. Salary Increases and Supplements (BP)
DRB. Holidays
DRC. Supplemental Pay Procedure for Exempt Employees
DRC-E. Exempt Employee Supplemental Pay Form
DTA. Evaluations- Administrators and Supervisors
DTA-E. Administrators and Supervisors Process Form
DTB. Faculty (See Section 3.4 Evaluation, Faculty Handbook)
DTC. Administrative Assistants and Clerks
DTC-E1. Personnel Assessment Process Form
DTC-E2. Physical Plant Personnel Performance Evaluation
DUA. Employee Service Awards
DXA. Exit Interviews
DXA-E. Employee Exit Interview Form
DY. Food and Drinks in Classrooms and Laboratories
DZ. Solicitation and Distribution

Section E: Faculty and Instruction

Section F: Student Information

Section G: Community and Government Relations

Section H: Support Services

HA. Library
HB. Marketing and Communications
HBA. Planning Guide for Printing, Publications, and Web Pages
HBB. College Business Cards
HC. Continuing Education
HD. Administrative Computer Center
HE. Bookstore
HF. College Post Office
HG. Maintenance/Custodial Services
HH. Campus Security
HHA. Workplace Violence and Unauthorized Weapons
HHB. Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics
HHC. Concealed Carry of Handguns on Campus
HHD. Campus Security Camera Acceptable Use
HHE.  Campus Security Authorities (CSA)
HHF. Violent Intrusion/Action Defense Preparations
HHG. Mass Communication
HI. Health/Wellness Services-Levelland Campus
HJ. Food Service-Levelland Campus
HK. Severe Weather Procedures
HL. Copy Center and Reproduction Procedures
HM. College Vehicles
HN. College Web Site Policy
HO. College Stationery Policy
HP. College Logos
HQ. Photography Service
HR. Office of Human Resources
HS. Office of Development
HSA. Fundraising, Solicitation and Grant Writing
HSA-E. Fundraising Activity Approval Form
HSAA. Acceptance of Non-Cash Gifts
HSAA-E. Non-Cash Gift Acceptance Form
HT. New Student Relations
HU. Financial Aid Lender Relations Institutional Code of Conduct
HV. Data Governance Policy

Section I: Information Services

IA. Policy Compliance
IB. User Accounts Management Policy
IB-A. User Account Credentials Eligibility Statement
IC. User Account Password
ID. Acceptable Use
IE. Virtual Private Network Access Policy
IF. Data Governance
IG. Data Classification
IH. Security Incident Response
IJ. Change Management
IK. Digital Encryption
IL. Data Backup
IM. Network Use and Vulnerability Assessment
IN. Technology Security Training
IO. Server Administration
IP. Media Sanitization Policy
IQ. NDA Requirement Policy
IR. Risk Assess Policy
IS. IT Administrator/Special Access
IT. Authorized Software Policy
IU. Communication Policy
IV. Firewall Policy
IW. Identification/Authentication
IX. Intrusion Detection Security Monitoring Policy
IY. Malicious Code
IZ. Physical Access Policy
I1. Portable Computing Policy
I2. Privacy Policy
I3. Third-Party Access
I4. Application Security Policy
I5. Technology Acquisition Oversight
I6-A. Website Disclaimer
I7. Merchant Card Policy