AE. Educational Role and Mission, Purpose and Responsibility(BP)


South Plains College provides educational opportunities that improve the lives of its students by establishing a foundation for lifelong learning. The College offers high quality courses, programs and services that assist students in clarifying and achieving their educational and career goals in order to become productive and responsible citizens in a global society. South Plains College empowers its faculty and staff to provide a learning environment that is innovative, engaging, compassionate, safe, diverse and supportive of the College vision.


South Plains College is a public, open admission, comprehensive community college that primarily serves individuals and communities in its service area comprising the southern portion of the Texas High Plains.  The College offers quality academic transfer, career, and technical education programs leading to associate degrees and proficiency certificates. To sustain the communities it serves, the College also offers developmental education, continuing education, workforce development, and community service programs. The College and its employees strive for excellence in teaching and provide learning opportunities that are accessible, flexible, and affordable.


In order to accomplish its mission, South Plains College is committed to the following institutional purposes:

  1. To provide associate degree programs in the arts and sciences that successfully prepare students for university transfer into baccalaureate degree programs.
  2. To provide certificate and associate degree programs in career and technical education areas that equip students with skills, attitudes, and aptitudes necessary for gainful employment, for professional certification or for advanced study.
  3. To provide developmental, adult literacy, and basic skills programs designed to assist those students who are underprepared for college and who need to skills for college success.
  4. To provide flexible continuing education and workforce development programs, including specialized business and industrial training, which anticipate and address the specific needs of the global workplace.
  5. To foster student success holistically by providing an Educational Success Plan (ESP) that includes advisement, academic support and student support services and by providing opportunities to participate in the academic and social life of the College.
  6. To expand access to educational opportunities through distance learning, technology, and other innovations.
  7. To listen actively to the needs of service area constituents; to work in partnership with others to build communities; and to provide community service programs, cultural opportunities and activities that reflect the diversity of the region the College serves.
  8. To effectively develop and be accountable for managing College resources and to continuously improve the quality of programs, services and operations.
Adopted by the South Plains College Board of Regents
October 14th, 2021