BA. Purpose, Powers and Responsibilities of the Board

The purpose of the Board of Regents is to provide for the program and welfare of the College and to establish the policies that govern the College’s organization and operation.

The Board, composed of lay members, shall exercise the traditional and time-honored role as it has evolved and shall constitute the keystone of the governance structure. In this regard, the Board:

  1. Is expected to preserve institutional independence and to defend its right to manage its own affairs through its chosen administrators and employees.
  2. Shall enhance the public image of the College.
  3. Shall interpret the community to the College and interpret the College to the community.
  4. Shall nurture the College to the end that it achieves its full potential within its role and mission.
  5. Shall provide for financial resources to support institutional goals.
  6. Shall appoint the President of the College, conduct periodic evaluations of the President’s performance, and assist the President in the achievement of performance goals.
  7. Shall establish and periodically review the mission of the College.
  8. Shall establish goals consistent with the role and mission of the College.

Education Code 51.352(a), 51.352(d)

All authority not vested by the laws of the State of Texas in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or in the Texas Education Agency shall be reserved and retained locally in the College District or in the Board as provided in applicable law. Education Code 130.002

Date Issued: March 10, 2005
Revision Issued: November 15, 2012