BAC. Rights and Responsibilities of the Board (BL)

Individual members of the Board enjoy equal rights with all other members:  the right to vote, the right to participate fully in all considerations before the Board, the right to enter motions and to submit recommendations, and all rights and privileges afforded the Board by law and regulation when sitting in deliberative session.

As individuals when not participating in meetings of the board or any of its duly constituted committees, members enjoy the same rights and privileges of any citizen of the State of Texas as pertains to the governance, control and management of the institution and under the Board.

The Board functions only when it is convened in meetings. An individual Board member speaks for the Board only when the Board has delegated such authority.

No individual Board member shall have the power to act administratively unless specifically empowered to act, and the member shall report his action to the Board at its next regular meeting after action has been taken.

Revised: 3/10/05