BBA. Election of Board Members

Election of Regents shall be by at large positions in accordance with Texas law. Education Code 130.082(f), (h), 130.0821 (b)

The membership of the Board shall consist of seven (7) Regents serving terms of six years each on a staggered basis with terms ending in an even-numbered year. Education Code 130.082(e), (f), (g), 130.0821(f)

A candidate for any Board position must file the form prescribed by the Texas Secretary of State #AW2-20, Application for a Place on the (Election Date) General Election Ballot, no later than 5:00 p.m.. of the 71st day before election day. The form must be filed with the Secretary of the board of Regents. If the application does not comply with applicable requirements, or is otherwise defective, the application must be rejected and the candidate notified in writing of the reason for rejection. Amended or corrected applications cannot be accepted after the last day to file for a place on the ballot. Candidates will be eligible to run for only one position in each election. The placement of candidate names on the ballot will be determined by lot among the candidates. The first day candidates can file for a position on the ballot is the 30th day before the filing deadline. Election Code Sec. 1.006, 143.007, 141.032(e), 52.094, 144005; Education Code Sect 11.055, 130.082(g)

The election date shall be the May Uniform Election Date unless the board elects to reschedule as prescribed by state statue. Election Code 41.001, 41.0052

Notice of the filing period dates for a place on the ballot must be posted in the Administration Building on the Levelland Campus not later than the 30th day before the first day to file. Election Code 141.040

A Notice of Elections must be posted on or before the 62nd day before the election. Form AWI-# Order of Election for Other Political Subdivisions (other than City or County) shall be used to convey the notice. The notice must be posted with the Hockley County Clerk and in print media outlets (newspapers) serving all voters in the College District, or mailed to each registered voter in the District. Election Code 3.004, 3.006, 83.010, 85.004, 850.7 and 201. 54 (if special election)

The Board of Regents shall provide for both early voting and absentee voting as prescribed by law. Education Code 85.001, 84.007

A candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast for all candidates for a position shall be declared elected. If no candidate receives such a majority, then the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall run against each other for the position. The run-off election for all positions shall be held on a date that complies with law and shall be ordered, notice thereof given, and held, as provided herein for regular elections. Education Code 130.082(g)

After each election or appointment, the elected or appointed Board members shall file their official oaths with the Board President. Education Code 11.061(a)

The Board, being subject to the provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, shall submit to the U.S. Justice Department for clearance as soon as possible after enactment, but at least 60 days before an election, any changes that would affect elections. Such clearance is necessary before the election may be held.

Candidates for the Board shall file the designation of a campaign treasurer and all required financial statements with the Secretary of the Board in accordance with applicable law and directives from the Texas Ethics Commission. Election Code 251.001-254.001 et. seq.

The Board may delegate the responsibility for conducting a Board election to an appropriate member of the administrative staff or to a third-party administrator, such as a County Clerk or county elections administrator.


Date Issued: March 10, 2005

Revision Issued: November 15, 2012

Approved: Board of Regents