BBB. Orientation and Professional Development of B

The Board and the College President shall assist new Board members to understand the Board’s function, policies and procedures. Assistance given in the orientation of new Board members may include the following, as appropriate or available:

  1. Selected materials on the responsibilities of being a contributing member of the Board.
  2. Material pertinent to meetings and an explanation of its use.
  3. Invitations to meet with the College President and other administrative personnel designated by the College President to discuss services the administration performs for the Board.
  4. Access to a copy of the Board’s policies and administrative regulations and other documents and information currently in use by other Board members.
  5. Information regarding appropriate meetings and workshops.
  6. Other information and activities as the Board or College President deems useful in fulfilling the role of Board member.

It is the policy of the Board to provide continuing professional development for current members as required by Texas Education Code 61.084.

Revised: 3/10/05