BF. Policy and By-Law Development (BP)

The District shall be governed in accordance with written policies adopted by a majority of the Board. The Board formulates policies and delegates to the President of the College the function of administering policies and regulations. Policies and policy amendments may be initiated by the College President, Board members, faculty, employees, or community citizens, but generally shall be recommended for the Board’s consideration by the College President. The Board shall have the sole right to adopt such policies.

The College President and other appropriate staff shall be responsible for developing administrative rules and regulations, consistent with law and Board policy, to serve as detailed guidelines for the operation of the District. These regulations shall be designed to implement Board policies and to achieve the goals and objectives of the District. However, no ancillary documents shall be binding on the District without the prior authorization of and approval by the Board.

Through the adoption of these policies, all previously adopted policies are repealed and of no force or effect if in conflict with these policies. Any amendment of or addition to these policies shall repeal any policies in conflict with it.

When action is urgently required in an area not covered by Board policy, the College President shall have power to act. The College President shall inform the Board promptly of such action, which shall be subject to review by the Board at its discretion for determination as to the need for a policy statement.

Copies of the College Policy and Procedures Manual shall be placed on the College Internet web site, in various administrative offices and in the Library, so as to be accessible to all employees. The Board shall designate one copy of the policy manual as the official policy manual of the District. The official copy shall be kept in the College President’s Office, and the President or designee shall be responsible for its accuracy and currency. If discrepancies occur between different copies of the manual distributed throughout the District, the version contained in the official policy manual shall be regarded as authoritative.

No policy or regulation, nor any portion thereof, shall be operative if it is found to be in conflict with applicable law.

Proposed policies introduced and recommended at one meeting shall become effective immediately upon adoption by the Board unless otherwise specified by the Board.

Date Issued: March 10, 2005
Revision Issued: November 15, 2012
Approved: Board of Regents