BGB. College Code of Ethics (BP)

South Plains College is committed to providing quality educational opportunities for the people of the community.  The Board of Regents, administration, faculty and staff believe that each individual should have the opportunity to nourish the impulse to learn and to live a productive life.

This code declares the ethical values that the South Plains College Board of Regents, administration, faculty, and staff embrace and strive to uphold in their responsibilities for providing postsecondary education.

Therefore, South Plains College Regents, administration, faculty and staff

  • serve the ideal of educational excellence, are committed to the vision, mission, and values of the College, and are stewards of these concepts;
  • foster cultural diversity and pluralistic values and treat all people with dignity and respect;
  • value the interests, freedom of choice, and privacy of all individuals affected by their actions;
  • provide an environment in which all employees and students can pursue their work free from coercion, intimidation, and harassment adhering to the college’s policy on sexual conduct;
  • ensure that all applicants and employees receive fair and equal treatment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability;
  • adhere to the spirit, as well as, the letter of all applicable laws and regulations of the land;
  • identify their individual confines of competence and are forthcoming with their professional credentials and qualifications;
  • divulge all relationships which might constitute, or appear to constitute, conflicts of interest; and inspire their colleagues to embrace and practice these ethical principles.

Revised: 3/10/05