BIC. Evaluation of the President (BP)

The Board shall prepare a written evaluation of the College President at annual or more frequent intervals and may at any time conduct and communicate oral evaluations to augment its written evaluation. The written evaluation shall be based on the College President’s job description and other criteria identified by the Board.

The Board shall furnish the College President with a copy of the completed evaluation and shall discuss its conclusions with the College President in executive session.

The Board shall strive to accomplish the following objectives in conducting the College President’s evaluation:

  1. Clarify to the College President his or her role, as seen by the Board.
  2. Clarify to Board members the College’s President’s role, according to the Board’s written criteria, as expressed in the College President’s job description and the District’s goals and objectives.
  3. Foster an early understanding among new Board members of the evaluation process and the College President’s current performance objectives and priorities.
  4. Develop and sustain a harmonious working relationship between the Board and the College President.
  5. Ensure administrative leadership for excellence in the District.

Revised: 11/15/12