BIE. Administrative Rules and Regulations (BP)

The College President and other appropriate staff shall be responsible for developing administrative regulations, consistent with law and Board policies, to serve as detailed guidelines for the operation of the District. These regulations shall be designed to implement Board policies and to achieve the goals and objectives of the District. In the event of conflict between Board policies and administrative procedures, Board policies shall control.

The College President or designee shall be responsible for distributing the District’s regulations, including manuals or handbooks, which shall be reviewed and approved by the College President or designated staff prior to distribution. All administrative regulations, including manuals and handbooks, shall be kept up to date and shall be made accessible to staff and the public as required by the Open Records Act. However, only the Policy and Procedures Manual, as approved by the Board, contains the official policies of South Plains College. No information in any other publication, handbook, manual, or other source of any kind, shall supersede any policies contained in this document, unless the Board of Regents takes official action.

Revised: 3/10/05