BKD. Acceptance of Gifts by the College (BP)

Gifts, grants, fellowships, and scholarships are gratefully accepted by the College. There may be some instances, however, when acceptance of such gift, grant, fellowship, or scholarship would not be appropriate or in the best interest of the College and its educational mission. It shall be the responsibility of the President, or a member of his staff directly reporting to him, to evaluate promptly any gift, grant, fellowship, or scholarship tender.

If approved, the gift shall be accepted and suitably announced, and the donor appropriately notified of College appreciation. The President has the authority to accept any appropriate gift on behalf of the College. If formal approval is needed to accept the gift, it shall be by Board action at its next meeting.

Date Issued: March 10, 2005
Revision Issued: November 15, 2012
Approved: Board of Regents