BME. Dean of Arts and Sciences

The Dean of Arts and Sciences is responsible for all instructional leadership for the Arts and Sciences Division. The primary area of responsibility will be the supervision of academic transfer programs and departments.

  1. Plans, directs, evaluates and oversees instructional areas to ensure that the goals and objectives of the college are met.
  2. Provides management and supervision of faculty, including hiring, evaluation, selection, and professional development.
  3. Provides leadership for all departmental chairpersons and program coordinators. This includes departmental budgeting, chair evaluation, scheduling and planning for facilities.
  4. Assists departments with curriculum issues, including transferability, coordinating board guidelines, common course numbering, and core curriculum.
  5. Communicates effectively with faculty and departmental chairs, including organizing Departmental Chairperson’s Meetings, and general faculty meetings. The Dean of Instruction will also be responsible to keep departments informed of college policies, and regulations from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating board and SACS.
  6. Supervise preparation of class schedules, teaching loads and overloads
  7. Assignment of faculty to classes through department chairs
  8. Coordinate preparation and administration of instructional budgets
  9. Supervise the review process of instructional programs

10. Coordinate faculty orientation program