BMF. Dean of Health Sciences


The Dean of Health Sciences holds a twelve month position and provides overall supervision and administration of the Health Sciences Division.


Furthers the interests of the College and the College District.

Coordinates and administers the specific functions and activities of the Health Sciences Division.

Assists Allied Health Department Chair, Program Coordinators, and faculty in the planning and assessment of their areas of responsibility.

Prepares Divisional budget based on feedback from Allied Health Department Chair, Program Coordinators, and faculty.

Interprets policy and procedural matters as they relate to Health Sciences.

Serves as a liaison officer in representing the college to area schools, colleges, universities, corporate partners, regulatory agencies and other constituents as assigned.

Provides leadership for curriculum development and revision.

Identifies needs related to the division such as facilities, personnel, and operating funds.

Recommends appointment, promotions, and separation of faculty members considering the contribution of the individual, as determined by institutional policy.

Provides for program evaluation and evaluation of faculty performance in accordance with institution policies.

Creates an environment conducive to an educationally sound division providing freedom for the faculty to develop their own courses within the framework of the program and institution philosophy.

Prepares and submits reports to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, National League for Nursing, National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Texas Board of Nursing, and other agencies in a timely manner.

Responsible for ensuring compliance with program standards and accreditation requirements.

Serves as a permanent member of the following: Academic Council, Administrative Council, Instructional Council, Associate Degree Nursing Admissions/Academic Standards Committee, Building & Grounds Committee, Evaluation Committee, Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Marketing & Recruitment Committee, Retention Committee, Safety & Health Committee, and Technology Committee.

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree from an accredited institution of higher education is required.

EXPERIENCE: At least five (5) years of college administrative experience in the functional areas of responsibility and/or related areas. A minimum of five (5) years college teaching in a health related program.   A minimum of five (5) years clinical experience in discipline.

DIRECT REPORTS: The following positions report directly to the Dean of Health Sciences: Allied Health Department Chair, and Nursing Program Coordinators.