This policy established the requirements that an employee must meet to qualify as a vehicle driver for a group of students or other groups as a representative for South Plains College.



South Plains College reserves the right to deny access to the motor pool based on driving record including, but not limited to moving vehicle citations or DUID/DWI. Documentation and approval of drivers is managed by the Office of Administrative Services on the Levelland campus. All documents will be retained in the employee’s personnel file. Training will be maintained by Human Resources through the online training system.

1. To be approved as a qualified driver for the College’s 24+-passenger bus/motor coach, an employee must meet the following requirements.

1. Be at least 21 years of age (to allow for interstate travel).

2. Have a valid Class B CDL Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement and other endorsements as applicable to the specific bus/motor coach assigned.

3. Consent to an annual driver background check.

2. To qualify as an approved driver for all other motor pool vehicles (less than 16 passengers), an individual must meet the following requirements.

1. Have a valid Class C Driver’s License.

2. Consent to an annual driver background check.

3. Complete the online driver training video annually.



1. Coordinate with the College employee or sponsor in charge of the trip as to trip itinerary including departure times, stops , etc. in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the College and the Department of Public Safety (continuous hours driven, rest, etc.)

2. During periods of inclement weather, the vehicle driver will have final say as to whether it is safe to travel.

3. Driver should perform pre-driving safety checks.

4. Drivers shall follow all local, state, and federal traffic laws and practice courteous defensive driving. Violating traffic laws or safe driving standards may result in the revocation of College vehicle operation permissions.

5. Drivers shall not exceed posted speed limits while driving College vehicles.

6. Drivers shall not operate College vehicles while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or fatique.

7. Drivers shall wear seatbelts while operating College vehicles.



1. An employee of South Plains College who serves as a vehicle driver will be paid as follows. Pay rates will be in effect regardless of which vehicle is being utilized.

1. One-day trips - regular employee hourly rate and overtime hourly rate as applicable

2. Overnight trips – 16 hours paid per driver.

3. Drivers who are participants in the trip’s activities are paid per hour of driving time.

4. Salaried employees - hourly rate not applicable.

5. If two drivers are needed for one trip, pay rates apply for each driver.

2. Driver(s) who would not otherwise be participating in the trip will be provided a separate room at the same hotel as the group during any trip involving overnight stays.

3. The driver will be reimbursed for meals on a per-diem basis according to college policy CBC.


Date Issued: March 7, 2016

Revision Date: October 13, 2023

Approved: Executive Council: October 18, 2023