CGE. Travel Card Guide

The SPC Travel Card program is designed as an alternative to using petty cash or checks to pay for travel related expenses. Our card is a MasterCard credit card issued by CitiBank. Record keeping is essential to ensure the successful use of this card. Retention of all receipts associated with transactions made on this card is required.

Remember you are committing SPC funds each time you use the travel card. This is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Intentional misuse or fraudulent abuse may result in disciplinary action.


The travel card is NOT to be used for personal purchases. It is for hotel, car rentals, and other limited merchants. A list of authorized merchants has been established with CitiBank. Your transaction will be declined when trying to purchase at an unauthorized merchant. Purchase authority limits have been set on these cards. Transactions over these amounts will be declined.

Card Check-Out

Travel Cards must be checked out from the Purchasing Department. A purchase order must be entered to CitiBank for the expected approximate amount to be charged to the card during your travel. Once the PO is issued, the travel card will be checked out to you.


It is your responsibility to obtain transaction receipts from the merchant or supplier each time the travel card is used. These receipts must show the sales tax charged as a separate line item. Upon return from your trip, an approved SPC travel reimbursement form must be completed and returned with your card and all receipts to the purchasing office. You will be responsible for all charges made with the travel card during the period of time it is in your possession.

Lost/Stolen Cards

If your travel card is lost or stolen, contact the Bank’s 24 hour toll free number at 1-800-248-4553. Also contact Dennis Churchwell at 716-2105 (office), 577-2544 (cell), 368-5788 (home) or Marilyn Rodriguez at 716-2107, 787-5332 (cell), 229-2120 (home).


Revised 2/5/13