CH. Joint Property Rights

South Plains College encourages its faculty and staff to pursue scholarly and creative endeavors within the educational parameters of the college. Faculty and staff have the privilege of generating classroom and laboratory materials, techniques, items, and procedures, which may be copyrighted or patented, which may accrue personal gain for the individual, and which favorably reflect upon the institution. All profits or other benefits resulting from such endeavors shall be considered the exclusive rewards of the individual when such endeavors resulted from individual initiative, not specific assignment, and when only inappreciable and incidental use of institutional facilities and resources occurred.

Joint property rights shall be considered to exist when the materials, items, techniques, or procedures resulted from endowment from the college in the form of release time, staff development grants, or use of college facilities and/or materials, items, techniques, or procedures regardless of copyright or patent and exclusive of any royalties, commissions, or other profits to the faculty or staff member until the college has been reimbursed in full for the endowments aforementioned.