CIA. Guidelines for Setting up Voice Mail

1.    Pick up receiver of your telephone and press the button that has an envelope symbol.
2.    Voice mail will answer with: “Enter your password followed by pound (#).”
3.    “Welcome to Cisco Unified Communications.  Please take a moment to personalize or update your settings; to exit press*.”
4.    “A recorded name identifies you to other callers.  It also lets others know who left a message.  Your recorded name is… To keep the recorded name press # to record a new name say your first and last names at the tone then press #.”

Record your name, then press #.  Example “John Doe” and immediately after you say your last name press #.  This will keep dead air  from being recorded.

This name prompt is what the caller hears when they dial your extension through the Automated Attendant and when they use the dial by name directory.

Example: The automated attendant will say:
“Transferring to” and John Doe will be in your voice.
Example: In the dial by name directory, the automated attendant will say:
“For” John Doe (in your voice) “press 1”
“For” Jane Doe (in her voice) “press 2”

Keep in mind, if you do not record your name, you will not be listed in the dial by name directory. 

Once you are satisfied with your name recording and pressed #, the system will prompt you with…
5.    “When callers cannot reach you, they may leave a message.   A personal greeting encourages callers to leave a message.  Your Standard greeting is …Sorry, John Doe is not available. “

Press (1) Re-record the greeting
Press (#) Keep the greeting

Here is an example greeting: “I am in the office today but am presently on the phone or have stepped away from my office.  Please leave a complete message with your name and telephone number and I will return your call just as soon as possible.  Thank you.”

Press the # key immediately after recording your greeting to stop dead air from being recorded on the end of your greeting. 

Once you are satisfied with your greeting and have pressed # to accept it, the system will respond with…
6.    “A password protects the privacy of your messages.  Your password must be at least three (3) digits long.  Use a password that is easy to remember but hard for others to guess.  For extra security you may be prompted to change your password periodically.  Enter you new password followed by #.”
Press 0 for help

“Enter your new password again to confirm it.  Then press #

“Your new password is active.”
7.    “You can be listed in directory assistance so that callers can reach you even if they do not know your extension.  You’re listed in directory assistance.”

Press (1) to change your listing status
Press (0) for help

If you press the (1) key, it will take you out of the dial by name directory.

“To continue press #.”

“You have finished enrollment.”