CP. Inventory of College Equipment


All equipment, vehicles, furniture, office equipment, computers and accessories that are bought out of an equipment account ending in "106" must have a SPC inventory number. Items costing $5,000 or more are capitalized and depreciated.

Delivery: All computer equipment must be to be shipped to the Maintenance Warehouse on either the Levelland or Reese Campus, whichever is specified.

Locate the purchase order number on the shipping label and verify if it is from an equipment account. The equipment is then tagged and logged into the inventory system. It will be delivered within five (5) business days to the department for which it is ordered. A copy of the purchase order must be signed and dated by the person receiving the equipment.

If the item is purchased out of grant monies, then it is automatically tagged and logged in the inventory system, specifying which grant (i.e., Federal Grant, Perkins Grant, TIF Grant, Title V Grant and other grants) provided the funds.

Anyone who picks up equipment that falls within this criteria, must call ext. 2423 or bring the equipment by the Physical Plant Office so it can be inventoried.

Monthly Spot Check: A monthly spot check will be conducted for the purpose of locating inventory items and keeping inventory records up to date. If an equipment item is found that meets the criteria for being an inventoried item, then it will be recorded as part of the spot check process.