DEA. Substance Abuse Program Implementation


All employees will be notified about the college's policy on the prohibition of alcohol and controlled substances and the actions taken by the college district against employees violating this rule.


Each year the college will inform its employees about the dangers of drug abuse in the work place, about the availability of drug counseling, and about sources for rehabilitation. This will be accomplished through the distribution of literature, special programs and seminars.


Individuals with chemical abuse problems will be encouraged to seek counseling.


Employees with chemical abuse problems may be referred to rehabilitation resources. In any case, employees will be required to uphold normal standards of conduct and performance.


Employees must report to work in a condition fit for duty. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. If an employee is under treatment with a drug that could alter his or her ability to do the job, the employee could be subject to reassignment. When referral and/or rehabilitation are deemed necessary, compliance by the employee will be mandatory. Employees who distribute or use illegal substances on the job are subject to dismissal. Any controlled substances confiscated in the work-place will be turned over to law enforcement personnel.


Amendment: Administrative Policy
Approved by: Executive Council
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