DGA. Personnel Records and Privacy


A. Personnel records will be maintained containing information on each college employee to meet state and federal legal requirements and to assure efficient personnel administration.

B. Notification of Changes. Changes of address, telephone number and/or family status (births, marriage, death, divorce, legal separation, etc.) must be reported immediately to the Human Resources Department, as an employee's income tax status and group insurance may be affected by these changes.

C. Files Access. Access to personnel files is restricted to authorize employees of the Human Resources Department, the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration and members of the College Executive Council. Supervisors and all other employees may be granted access on a "need to know" basis as determined by the Director of Human Resources. Personnel files are the property of South Plains College and may not be removed from the Human Resources Department.

D. Information Requests and Employment References. Requests for information from employee files received from other departments and inquiries from outside the company, including requests for references on former employees, will be directed to the Human Resources Director. Supervisors and other employees are prohibited from providing personal or employment references on ex-employees or current employees.


A. Personnel File Contents. When an employee is hired at the College, a personnel file will be established generally containing the following information:

1. Application for employment and related hiring documents such as resumes and course transcripts.

2. Personal information changes and personnel action notices of pay and employment status changes.

3. Performance documents including performance appraisals.

4. Employee history updating information submitted by employees including recent education and records of outside achievements.

5. Other documents pertaining to employment such as appreciation letters, corrective action reports, employment contracts, employment verifications, training records, and references from previous employers.

6. Medical records, documents necessary for the administration of company benefit programs, and any investigators information will be kept in a separate confidential file. I-9 forms are also kept in a separate file. These files may be examined only by appropriate officials conducting an investigation.

B. Examination of an Employee's Personnel File. Inspection of an employee's personnel file may be accomplished at reasonable times during office hours under the following conditions:

1. Employee. Employees may examine their files up to two times per year, at reasonable times, and upon prior 24 hour notice submitted to the Director of Human Resources. This review will take place in the Human Resources Department with a Human Resources Department employee present. Employment references and notes of legal or disciplinary investigations in progress, if any will be removed before the employee views the file. Employees may obtain a copy of documents in the file that contain their signature. The College may charge a reasonable copying cost for all copies made.

2. Government Inquiries. The College generally will cooperate with federal, state and local government agencies investigating an employee if the investigators furnish proper identification and proof of legal authority to investigate. However, the College may first seek advice of legal counsel. The College may permit a government investigator to review a personnel file on company premises, but the investigator will not be allowed to remove or reproduce this information without consent from the Director of Human Resources or the President and/or the College’s attorneys.

C. Information Requests and Employment References. If employees wish the College to verify information requested by outside sources for credit or other purposes, a release form with the employee's signature must accompany the request. Employment references on former employees will be provided by the Human Resources Director as follows:

1. References with Written Approval: Salary history, job chronology and performance information may be released with written approval of the employee or ex-employee. This information will be released in writing and a copy retained in the employee's personnel file.

2. Written Inquiries: If the request for information is in writing, salary information will be verified in addition to the above. This verification will be in writing and a copy retained in the employee's file.

D. File Retention. Originals of personnel records will be maintained by the Human Resources Department and retained for five years after an employee's separation date.

E. ADA CONSIDERATIONS. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires medical information regarding an employee’s disability to be kept separate and confidential.


Amendment: Replaces DG
Approved by: Executive Council
Nature of Revision: New Policy
Date Issued: 11/24/97