DHAA. Sick Leave

 It is the policy of South Plains College to extend sick leave to its full-time employees based on the following conditions:


 1. Illness- "Illness", means sickness, injury, pregnancy or confinement due to quarantine when exposed to a contagious disease.

 2. Medical, Dental, Optic Examinations or General Treatment by Physician- When appointments cannot be scheduled after normal working hours.


An employee shall notify his/her immediate supervisor of a situation demanding his/her absence as soon as the situation becomes known to the employee or as soon as reasonably possible thereafter. Approval for such leave must be granted by the employee's immediate supervisor. An absence form must be submitted to the appropriate supervisor immediately upon return to work.  The absence form will be forwarded it to the Human Resources Office.


 All full-time employees are allowed to accumulate one (1) day of sick leave for each month of full-time service rendered (up to the maximum of 60 days) at South Plains College.

Full-time employees who work twelve (12) months may accumulate a maximum of 12 days per year.

Full-time employees who work less than twelve (12) months shall accumulate sick leave at the rate of one day per month actually worked (i.e., 9 - 10 months).

Faculty teaching during summer session may accumulate sick leave at the rate of one (1) day per session.


 Employees on sick leave will have deducted from their accumulated sick leave, one (1) day for each day missed.


 An employee shall not be entitled to paid sick leave until he/she has completed thirty (30) days of continuous employment with the college.


 Full-time employees are entitled to be paid at the rate of $25.00 for each day of accumulated sick leave, not to exceed sixty (60) days upon retirement.

 Eligibility for compensation is contingent on official retirement.


 Exceptions to the sick leave policy must be approved in writing by the President.

 Date Issued: November 1997

 Revision Issued: October 13, 2014

 Approved: Executive Council