DHC. Disability Policy (BP)


The Board adopts a policy that provides protection for full-time employees who become disabled for twenty-two (22) or more consecutive working days and who do not have sufficient paid sick days accumulated or earned vacation days to offset loss of income due to their physical inability to perform their regularly assigned duties. It is not intended to replace the sick leave policy or to apply to any illness or disability of less than twenty-two (22) working days duration.


1. Disability is defined as an illness or injury, certified by a licensed medical doctor, which prevents an eligible employee from performing all of his/her regular duties.

2. An eligible employee who has accumulated sick pay days and earned vacation days may use them to continue receiving pay while off work due to disability. His/her sick pay and vacation accounts will be charged on a working day (not calendar day) basis.

3. When an employee does not have a sufficient number of sick and vacation days to cover the length of disability the provisions of this policy will supplement the number of sick and vacation day accumulated so as to allow an employee to receive his/her regular pay up to 22 working days. His/her sick pay and vacation accounts will be charged for any working days advanced by this policy.

4. On return to duty an employee will repay at one day for each month worked, his/her sick and/or vacation accounts for any work days advanced by this policy.

5. This policy does not apply to absences related to on the job illnesses or injuries. (See Worker Compensation and Sick Leave Policy DHB).

6. The college reserves the right to require a second medical opinion by a physician of its choice before invoking the provisions of this policy. The college will pay for such examinations and reports.

7. Before returning to work from a disability, the college may require a written statement by a licensed medical physician releasing the employee to perform all duties of his/her work assignments.

Amendment: Revision
Approved by: Board of Regents
Nature of Revision: Clarification
Date Issued: 3/10/05