DHE. Personal Leave                                                             

Personal leave may be allowed up to three (3) days per year, with such leave charged against the employee's sick leave.


Personal leave may be scheduled at any time during the year subject to approval by the employee’s supervisor.  Personal leave shall not be scheduled during the following periods:

  1. Any period that begins immediately prior or after any scheduled break (i.e., Fall break, Christmas break, Easter break, Spring break).
  2. The week prior to first class day of Fall and Spring semesters.
  3. The day of Commencement.

Request for personal leave must be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor and is subject to his / her approval.  An absence form must be submitted to the appropriate supervisor immediately upon return to work.  The absence form will be forwarded to the Human Resource Office.


Exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by the President.


Revised by Executive Council on March 21, 2016