DHK. Vacations


This policy applies to all eligible employees.

The College encourages and requires each eligible employee to take an annual vacation entitlement as paid time off away from work.  The College does not provide vacation pay unless vacation time is actually taken as time off from work with the exception of termination, in which unused accrued days are paid.


Regular full-time employees, both exempt and non-exempt, who work a twelve month schedule, are eligible for vacation benefits.  Faculty and regular part-time employees, regardless of the number of months worked (i.e. 9 month staff), are not eligible for vacation benefits.  Vacation benefits for eligible employees accrue as follows.

All eligible employees shall accrue one day of vacation per month of continuous employment up to a maximum of ten (10) vacation days per year.  Accrual begins on the official date of hire.


Vacations may be scheduled at any time during the year, subject to approval by the employee’s supervisor.

Vacations shall not be scheduled during the following periods:

  1. Any period that begins immediately prior or after any scheduled break (i.e., Fall break, Christmas break, Easter break, Spring break).
  2. The week prior to first class day of Fall and Spring semesters.
  3. The day of Commencement.


The college fiscal year, September 1 to August 31, is the period used for calculating vacation benefits. Any unused vacation time not taken by August 31, will be forfeited.


Exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by the President.


Revised by Executive Council on March 21, 2016