DID. Retirement Recognition


Individuals who withdraw from service and establish a TRS or ORP retirement benefit granted under law and have a minimum of five (5) years service at South Plains College will be honored during a reception, receive sick leave payments as described in section DHA, and presented with an award as indicated below. It is the responsibility of the employee to demonstrate that they are receiving a retirement benefit (ORP retirees must establish retiree status by enrolling in retiree health insurance provided by the Employees Retirement System, the University of Texas System, or Texas A&M University system regardless of whether currently enrolled).


1. Faculty and Professional Staff - This group shall receive Tambour Style Mantle Clock as described in Exhibit DIDA-E.

2. Classified and Maintenance Staff - This group shall receive a wrist watch or pocket watch with the inscription on the back "South Plains College ____ years service, 19__ to 20__."

3. Dorm Directors - This group shall receive a silver-plated serving tray with the inscription on the back "Name, South Plains College, ____ years of service, 19__ to 20__".

4. Equivalent substitutions may be made at the retiree’s request.


A reception with refreshments will be arranged by the member of the Deans Council with the following provisions and guidelines:

1. One reception in Levelland for all retirees shall be held near the end of the academic year in which retirement is established.

2. Invitations for the reception will be distributed among South Plains College employees, appropriate friends and family of the retiree by the President’s Office or the Marketing and Recruitment Office.

3. The appropriate Divisional Dean (Dean of Students) or Vice President shall chair and coordinate the reception.

4. During the reception the President of the college will present the retiree with the special gift and extend the college's appreciation for service.

5. Special departmental gifts, awards or words of well-wishes may be made within the framework established or at departmental functions.


Amendment: Clarification
Approved by: Executive Council
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Date Issued: 06/11