DIE. Retiree Use of College Facilities

College employees who have retired from the college and are receiving retirement benefits are eligible for the following privileges:

  • South Plains College Athletic Events: Free Admission.
  • College Natatorium: Free Swimming.
  • College Exercise Facilities: Free Use.
  • Community Short Courses: Free Admission.
  • Audit of Credit Courses on Space Available Basis: Free.
  • College Theater Productions: Free, except for Dinner Theater.
  • Cosmetology Services: Discount.
  • Defensive Driving: Discount.

Cards are issued by the Office of Continuing Education and the Cosmetology lab.

Amendment: Addition of DIE
Authorized by: Vice President for Administrative Affairs
Nature of Revision: Content
Date Issued: 11/92
Revision Issued: February 11, 2013
Approval: Executive Council