DL. Outside Employment of Faculty and Staff (BP)

It is desirable that the faculty and staff be composed of persons with such competence in their fields that their service in a professional capacity will be sought outside the college.  Hence, a staff member may, with prior approval of administrative authorities, do outside work for pay during the months of regular employment. However, such work must not interfere with his normal duties, including those extra responsibilities expected of all faculty members. Therefore, the amount of time involved and absence from the campus while rendering outside services are of primary concern.

Outside employment must be compatible with the interests of the institution and of such a nature that it will not impair the usefulness of the individual as a teacher, scholar or professional employee.

Responsibility for keeping this kind of activity in proper bounds rests with the Vice Presidents.  The Vice Presidents shall inform the President of the details of each case, and the President’s counsel shall be sought before approving or disapproving.

Revised: 3/10/05