DO. College Keys



Keys to college offices and buildings are issued on a restricted basis to full-time employees through the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Part-time employees shall be issued keys, only through their supervisor, who shall fill out the key request form and assume responsibility for the use and return of the keys. Part-time instructors should turn in their keys to their departmental chairperson at the end of each semester.

College keys are the responsibility of the individual to whom they are issued. They may not be loaned, duplicated, or transferred to any other individual under any circumstances. Neither should keys be left in doors or placed where they might be stolen.


Key Request Forms are available in the Vice President for Finance and Administration office. The form is to be completed and signed by the individual requesting keys, signed by the individual’s supervisor and returned to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for approval. Keys and records will then be prepared by the Director of Physical Plant who will notify the person requesting keys


Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to the Director of Physical Plant. Business Replacement keys will be provided for a charge of $10 per key. The replacement key request follows the same procedure on the initial request.


In the event of a lost or stolen key, the individual’s supervisor, and the Director of Physical Plant shall determine if a lock change is necessary. The cost of re-keying an area will be the responsibility of the person who lost his/her keys if it is proven to be through neglect, loaned or duplicated keys. A charge of $20 per lock will be made for changing locks.