DP. Building Security


It is imperative that all department chairpersons, directors and supervisory personnel develop a consciousness for security among their staff in order to minimize the loss of equipment to theft and damage or vandalism.


As a minimum the following elements of security should be stressed to all personnel:

1. Note that most thefts occur from unlocked, unsecured facilities.

2. All employees must develop a sense for noticing people/situations that look "out of place" or "suspicious" and report it. Note and record car license, make, model and color of vehicle, etc.

3. ALWAYS lock rooms, labs, storerooms, offices that contain equipment, supplies, chemicals, etc., when not in use, even during normal working hours.

4. Secure sensitive equipment, i.e., VCRs, TVs, cameras, projectors, instruments, etc., in locked cabinets, storerooms or with security devices.

5. NEVER loan a South Plains College key (office, buildings, or Grand Master) to students or other persons not authorized to have a South Plains College key.

6. Do not schedule or permit students to occupy facilities, labs, etc., without a responsible South Plains College employee in supervisory range, who can also lock up and turn out lights when leaving.

7. When entering a building at night or weekends (when building is normally closed), lock the door entered while inside.


Authorized by:
Executive Council
Nature of Revision: Edit
Date Issued: 11/97