DQJ. Handbook Supplement, Maintenance and Custodial Personnel



All appointments to positions in the unclassified personnel category shall be on the basis of merit and fitness and in keeping with the laws and regulations of the State of Texas and the Board of Regents.


The initial period of each regular employee's service in a new position shall be utilized by the supervisor for closely observing the employee's work, for securing the most effective adjustment of a new employee to their position, and for rejecting any employee whose performance does not meet required work standard. The initial period shall be defined as not less than thirty (30) days nor more than six (6) months.


The minimum rate of pay for a class shall normally be paid upon appointment to the class. Subject to recommendation by the Director of Physical Plant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, however, original employment at a salary above the minimum rate may be paid upon certification by the Director of Physical Plant that such action is justified by exceptional qualifications of the applicant or by reason of lack of qualified applicants at the minimum rate.


Salary adjustments within an established range shall not be automatic but shall be dependent upon specific written request and recommendations of the Director of Physical Plant and approval by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Such recommendations shall be based upon merit with due consideration for length of service.


All employees in the unclassified service shall be subject to reassignment from one assignment to another. Insofar as possible, such changes of assignment shall be made with due consideration to preference of employees, but the needs of the college shall be determinative.


The established regular hours of work for full-time employees shall normally be forty (40) hours per week, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.., Monday through Friday, except on official college holidays. The Director of Physical Plant may approve exceptions to this schedule.


Refer to DHP (7) of the Policy & Procedure Manual


Refer to section DI and subsections thereof in the Policy & Procedure Manual.


All employees of the college are required to be covered by old age and survivor's insurance.


Refer to the section DRA and DRB in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


Refer to the section DHK in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


Refer to section DHA of the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


Refer to section DHD in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual


Personal leave for whatever reason and sick leave because of illness of dependents or immediate family of a full-time employee may be allowed up to three (3) days per year, with such leave charged against the employee's sick leave.

Personal leave shall not be used to extend vacations or scheduled holidays. Nor can personal leave be taken during critical school days such as registration, final exams, UIL, graduation, etc.

Requests for personal leave must be approved by the immediate supervisor and the Director of Physical Plant.

Immediate family is defined as spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, children, grandchildren, grandparents, sister or brother-in-law, mother or father-in-law. (Relatives of former spouses are not considered immediate family.)


Refer to section DHL in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


Refer to section DHF in the Employee Handbook and/or the Policy & Procedure Manual.


An employee may resign in good standing by submitting their reasons for resignation in writing to their supervisor at least two (2) calendar weeks prior to the effective date of the resignation. No employee shall be granted vacation leave subsequent to the effective day of the employee's separation. All resignations shall be reported to the supervisor for approval by the Director of Physical Plant.


The Director of Physical Plant may remove or dismiss an employee for inefficiency, insubordination, or other good cause. The dismissed employee will be entitled to two (2) weeks severance pay at his regular rate providing the employee has been employed for a minimum of six (6) months. The Director of Physical Plant shall inform the employee and the Vice President for Finance and Administration of the reasons for the action.


Appeals concerning rates of pay, classification of positions, hours of work, disciplinary action, and other conditions of employment may be made by the employee through established supervisory channels. In unusual cases, employee appeals may be referred for final decision to the President. Any employee has a right to make an appeal without prejudicing his employment to the college. An employee should consult with their supervisor concerning interpretations of the rules, working conditions, and other personal matters, and should feel free at all times to discuss their problems with the supervisor.


The college maintenance department should practice common rules of etiquette of any good business. The following points are mentioned to guarantee the continuance of high professional work behavior:

No radios, television, or similar items should appear in the work areas unless they are being used for formal instructional purposes or are used to receive news of national importance.

No eating, drinking, or smoking should take place in the work place. No work place will have coffee cups, soft drink bottles and the like in evidence.

Lights and air conditioning must be turned off when work places are unoccupied.

Uniforms are provided and must be worn at all times. A new employee who has not received uniforms should wear clean, neat pantsuits, jeans, or long pants that are coordinated with tops. Shorts and tank tops or sleeveless shirts will not be accepted dress.


Every employee working for four (4) consecutive hours in a shift is entitled to one (1) twenty (20) minute break at approximately the midpoint of the shift.

Breaks are to be taken only in areas that are approved by the Director of Physical Plant, and no other area. The twenty (20) minute break starts when the employee leaves his/her assigned work area, and concludes upon returning to the assigned work area.

All break areas are to be kept neat, clean, and orderly. All trash is to be removed daily, and cans are not to be accumulated to take away at a later date.


Keep outside doors locked when building is otherwise unoccupied.

Report to supervisor any instances that might reflect a theft, unauthorized persons present, suspicious vehicles, etc.

Never loan building keys to anyone. Keep keys in safe place; take care to not lose them.


Amendment: Clarification
Approved by: Executive Council
Nature of Revision: Language
Date Issued: 12/97