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The purpose of evaluation of faculty is to provide each faculty member sufficient information to assure continuing faculty competency and to improve teaching skills for instructors.

3.4.1 Departmental Chairperson Evaluation of Faculty

Prior to contract recommendations each year, departmental chairpersons will conference individually with each faculty member prior to submitting a written evaluation to the appropriate dean. The written evaluation will specify as to whether the individual faculty member needs or requires improvement in any specific area, and shall be based upon the criteria set forth in the faculty job description. A faculty member shall have the right to request a joint conference with the departmental chairperson and appropriate dean concerning the evaluation. (Form

3.4.2 Student Evaluation of Faculty

The primary purpose of student evaluation of faculty shall be to provide data useful in improving instruction and instructional support through self-improvement and staff development. Guidelines:

A. A faculty member being evaluated by students shall not be present during the evaluation process.
B. Students shall be guaranteed anonymity in the evaluation process.
C. The faculty member will receive a comprehensive summary of all data generated by each class evaluation.
D. The data generated by each class evaluation shall be processed by the department chairperson or a designee agreed upon by the faculty member and the department chairperson.
E. A comprehensive summary of data generated by student evaluation will be submitted by the department chairperson, for the department as a whole and without reference to specific classes of individual faculty members, to the appropriate dean, for the purpose of supporting efforts of staff development.
F. The department chairperson shall conference individually with each faculty member concerning the results of each evaluation. An example of the form used for this conference is under in this section.
G. The department chairperson and the faculty member, with the assistance of the instructional dean if the faculty member so desires, shall work in concert to develop actions for improvement suggested by the results of the evaluation.
H. The actual instruments completed by students shall be maintained on file for one month after the summary data is distributed to faculty, for the purpose of resolving any challenge to numerical accuracy, after which the original instruments shall be destroyed. The summary data for each class shall be maintained on file by the chairperson.
I. Classes with five or fewer students in attendance will not be evaluated unless provisions for anonymity are provided. Procedures:

A. Every teacher must be evaluated for four consecutive years in all classes he or she is assigned to teach during the fall semester; however, there shall be an evaluation of spring classes taught by first semester instructors.
B. Evaluation instruments (Example:, Forms A-I, in this section) will be administered in accordance with written instructions. The instruments will be collected, sealed in an envelope, and delivered to the department chairperson's office by the administrator of the evaluation.
C. After four consecutive years of evaluations, the instructor will be evaluated at least every two years with a minimum of one class selected by the instructor and one class chosen by the department head. However, any instructor may request that any class be evaluated at any time he or she so desires.
D. The procedure established by these guidelines is to be considered as minimum requirements. Nothing in this document prohibits more frequent evaluations if deemed appropriate by the instructor, departmental chairperson, or administration.
E. All new full and part-time faculty, and all faculty who teach a course outside their regularly assigned discipline, will be evaluated during the first semester of said instruction.

3.4.3. Faculty Evaluation of Departmental Chairperson Guidelines:

A. Faculty shall be guaranteed anonymity in the evaluation process.
B. The chairperson will receive a comprehensive summary of all data generated.
C. The data generated by each evaluation shall be processed by the Dean.
D. The Dean shall conference individually with each chairperson concerning the results of the evaluation. Procedures:

A. The following are sent to all full-time faculty members within a department in the week specified:

1. Evaluation form with Dept./Semester/Chairperson's name noted.
2. Instructions
3. White security return envelope stamped with appropriate Dean's name.

B. The data is calculated, the comments are typed, and the Chairperson is sent a "Confidential" copy of data and comments.

3.4.4 Forms (Click on the name of each form to download a Microsoft Word version of each.)

§ Departmental Chairperson Evaluation of Instructor

§ Student Evaluation of Instructor

§ A Form A

§ B Form B

§ C Form C

§ D Form D

§ I Form I Faculty Evaluation of Departmental Chairperson