FAA. Admission of International Students (BP)

Recognizing that the college community is part of a global society and that one of the purposes of higher education is to facilitate a better understanding of the peoples, cultures and nations that shape our world, it is the belief of the Board that students from other countries should be encouraged to attend South Plains College. Therefore, such students, who meet international admission requirements, shall be encouraged to attend South Plains College, and shall be admitted without regard to nationality, place of birth, residence, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability or age.


At a minimum, International students must:

  1. Meet general admission requirements outlined for high school graduates or college transfer students.
  2. Demonstrate acceptable proficiency in the English language;
  3. Submit proof of financial ability.

Additional requirements for the admission of International students may be established by the Dean of Enrollment Services. Specific policies and procedures governing the College’s policy for the admission of international students shall be published in the current General Catalog.


REVISED: 6/14/12