FADA. Student Identification Number

The primary student identification number (SID) at South Plains College will be an assigned and computer generated random number.  The SID will be assigned by the Admissions and Records Office at the time of acceptance to the college.  The student's social security number (SSN) will be collected, recorded, and reported as required by federal and state requirements and other appropriate exemptions as defined and approved by the college.  The college will take reasonable precautions to secure and protect the SSN in all cases.

Approved Use of Social Security Numbers

  • Enrollment:  All students enrolling at SPC both credit and non-credit are requested to provide a SSN.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships:  A SSN must be provided in order to be eligible for all federal and state financial aid as well as institutionally managed scholarships.
  • Immigration Law:  A SSN must be provided and recorded on I-9's (employment verification form) in accordance with the Immigration and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA).  A SSN must be provided and recorded on I-20's (certificate of eligibility for non-immigration student status).
  • Employment:  Any person employed in any capacity by the College must provide a SSN as the taxpayer ID number as directed by the IRS.  Providing the SSN is a condition of employment.
  • Testing and Certification Exams:  A SSN will be collected and reported if required by the certifying agency.
  • Law Enforcement: The SSN will be the primary identifier for Campus Police.  Suspects and defendants will be asked for their SSN as it is the primary identification number in criminal justice databases (e.g. FBI NCIC, criminal history records, etc.), on citation forms, on criminal complaints, and local police databases.
  • Federal and State Reports: The SSN will be used on federal and state reports as required by law.

Exceptions for the use of SSN
All exceptions to the approved uses for the collection, recording and reporting of student SSN's must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Disclosure Statement
In all cases where a SSN is required or requested a disclosure statement must be provided on the collection instrument.  While there is no universal statement for all applications, each statement should address the following elements as appropriate and specific to the department and the intended use of the SSN:

  1. Is it a requirement or a request?  If a requirement the statement should reference the authority for the requirement.  If it is a request the statement should explain why it is being requested.
  2. What are the benefits of providing the SSN and the potential consequences of not providing the SSN.
  3. The intended use of the SSN.
  4. Assurance of security.

Disclosure statements should be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs before distribution.

Refusal to Provide SSN
Refusal to provide a SSN in those instances that are required will result in a forfeiture of eligibility for those services and/or programs.  Refusal to provide SSN in those instances that are requested and approved by the college may result in limited services, delay of services and/or inability to receive services.

Security and Privacy of SSN
The College has a strong commitment to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of student records. The College may release SSN's to third parties as allowed by law, when permission is requested and granted by the individual in writing, or when the authorized third party is acting as the College's agent or contractor and appropriate security is guaranteed by written agreement.

Use in Historical Records
SSN's may be a part of historical records, databases and imaged documents.  The college will provide reasonable security of these records and will not use SSN's as an indexing system.  In all cases access to records containing SSN must be limited and secure.

Reviewed: Administrative Council 10/21/2005; Executive Council 11/14/2005

Approved: Executive Council 2/6/2006