FADB. Student Identity Verification


South Plains College verifies the identity of students enrolled in distance education classes, including interactive television and online courses, through the secure user ID and password assigned by the College to the student to access course content and portals. Students have the opportunity to change their password at any time and are instructed to do so upon first-time login to MySPC. Students are directed to change their password periodically in order to maintain secure access to SPC online systems. The College discourages students from sharing their user ID and password with other users.

All credit-bearing courses offered through distance learning methods at South Plains College verify that a student who registers for a distance education course is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives academic credit through the use of a secure login and password. All users of the College’s online learning management systems are responsible for maintaining the security of usernames and passwords. Access credentials may not be shared or given for any reason to any user, other than the user to whom the credentials are assigned. Users are responsible for any and all uses of their online account. Users are held responsible for knowledge of policy information contained within the most recent Student Handbook, including the section on Acceptable Use of Technology.

South Plains College does not charge a fee for student identity verification. In the event a fee is recommended for implementation, the fee will be approved by the Executive Council and submitted by the President of the College to the SPC Board of Regents for approval. Students will be notified of the additional fee prior to and during the registration process through the Schedule of Classes, MySPC notifications, TexanConnect, the online College Catalog, and on the College web site.

The fee will be clearly identified on the student’s tuition and fee bill upon registration in distance learning courses that require the fee.

Date Issued: August 26, 2013
Approval: Executive Committee