FBAB. Posting of Announcements and Signs

Before posting or distributing petitions, handbills, signs, or pieces of literature, the student, registered student organization, individual or group must submit a copy of the material to be distributed to one of the following for approval prior to posting, based on location:

Levelland Campus - Director of Student Life
Lubbock Downtown Center – Dean of Lubbock Downtown Center
Reese Center – Director of the Reese Center
Lubbock Career & Technical Center – Executive Director of the Lubbock Career & Technical Center
Plainview Center – Director of the Plainview Center

The materials to be posted or distributed must meet the following guidelines:

  • Posting signs or materials of any kind, which promote a business in direct competition with any South Plains College interest, is prohibited on campus.
  • Services not affiliated with South Plains College (e.g., private tutors not employed by an academic department) must include the statement “Not affiliated with nor endorsed by SPC” on the bottom of the sign or material.
  • The student or registered student organization, individual, or group distributing the information must be identified on the material to be posted.
  • If the item is a petition, it must contain the name and signature of the organization’s advisor (if an organization) or the signature of the student (if an individual).
  • The item(s) must show a College approval stamp on the material, unless officially produced by the SPC Marketing and Communications Office.
  • The material must not contain non-permissible solicitation, and must not be obscene or libelous.
  • The material to be posted should not be larger than 14" x 22" unless special permission is given by the approving office.
  • Materials must be posted only in designated areas (bulletin boards) on South Plains College property.
  • The items must not be displayed on windows, glass doors, painted walls, banisters, or columns of buildings except as designated or specially approved.
  • Materials which promote commercial enterprises may be posted only in designated areas.
  • No person may remove material posted without permission from the approving office, the student, individual or group, or the registered student organization.
  • No individual, group or registered student organization may distribute literature by accosting individuals, or hawking or shouting.
  • Placing materials on automobiles is strictly prohibited.
  • Distribution must not interfere with free and unimpeded flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, and must not disturb or interfere with academic or institutional activities.

Any posted material not meeting requirements may be removed by Student Life Office.

POSTED MATERIALS SHOULD BE REMOVED BY THE STUDENT, Individual OR ORGANIZATION no later than 14 days after posting or, if it relates to an event, not longer than 48 hours after the event to which it relates has ended. At the time of removal, care should be taken not to litter the area around which the material was posted.


Revised: 10-30-2018

Updated (addition of new campus information): 2-21-2023