The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for directing the production and printing of all college publications that are used for external purposes, which contribute to the institutional image and branding of the college and which require graphics design, electronic formatting or printing. Among these publications are the general catalog, class schedules, college marketing and recruiting literature, student guidebooks, departmental brochures, sports promotional brochures, newsletters, community reports, promotional materials, college stationary, and other special publications that communicate programs and services of the college to students or the community.

Because the Marketing and Communications staff possess skills and expertise in publications editing and design, the office should be consulted in the production and printing of all internal publications, reports, operational forms, handbooks, certificates, official documents and other projects that require graphic design and preparation for printing.

Faculty and staff with ideas concerning the graphics or editing aspects of college publications are invited to submit suggestions to the Executive Directore of Marketing and Communications. The first step in planning a new publication is to contact the Office of Marketing and Communications. Before a rough copy is typed and submitted for publication, a brief conference with the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications will save many hours of editing time and assure the faculty or staff member involved a more accurate publication.

A printing guide is available in the Office of Marketing and Recruitment in addition to graphic design services that may be called upon for production of in-house duplicated materials. Campus offices and departments with printing needs may contact the Office of Marketing and Communications, ext. 2210, 2211, for details.