South Plains College affiliated organizations, groups, events or activities serving college students shall have first priority over the use of all facilities.

No charges for facilities or equipment is assessed.


Organizations not directly affiliated with the college, sponsoring events or activities, which tend to aid the college in general for their community betterment programs, will have second priority over use of facilities provided they do not distract or interfere with priority one events.


In general, requests from individuals or groups to utilize the college facilities or equipment for monetary purposes will be denied. The only exception to this will be events considered to be an aid to the college in performing its functions as a community college.


Rental charges to outside organizations (i.e,. organizations not directly affiliated with the college) for the use of college facilities will be determined, on an annual basis, by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Rental charges may be adjusted each year to reflect cost increases in utilities, maintenance, and refurbishments and labor necessary to adequately provide facility rental service.


When food service is provided by Great Western Dining Services, Inc., usually there is no separate facility rental charge assessed. However, if the event being held requires more than the usual custodial and security support, additional rental charges may be assessed to the organization.


It is the intent of the college not to compete with local food establishments by simply providing an additional retail food service to the community. However the college feels that it does have an obligation to use and make its food service facilities available under certain conditions. These conditions

provide for events by and for South Plains College and events that are of a nature that cannot be best handled by local food establishments.. Great Western Dining Services, Inc., is available to serve and cater meals as long as such catering operations do not interfere or detract from the regular food service to students, faculty and staff.


Per a contractual arrangement, Great Western Dining Service, Inc., is the sole food service provider for South Plains College. All events requiring food service at all South Plains College locations will utilize Great Western Dining Service only. The only exception to this stipulation is that of South Plains College athletic events, or athletic events sponsored by the college and/or the Texan Club, food may be provided from other sources.


Special lighting and/or sound equipment will be used only under the direction of college personnel. In such instances and on occasions when other personnel (maintenance or custodians) are needed during normal "off-duty" hours, a charge of $10.00 per hour per person will be assessed.


Organizations sponsoring events shall be responsible for unusual damages that cannot be attributed to fair wear and tear.


The college reserves the right to cancel any reservations if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the college.