The campus post office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.. Monday through Friday. The campus post office observes the South Plains College holiday schedule.

Outgoing mail must be received in the mailroom by 2:30 p.m.. Monday through Friday.

Departments receiving packages will be notified by the post office staff. Students must pick up packages in person from the campus post office.


To be processed and delivered all campus mail must meet the following specifications:

1. If mail is enclosed in an envelope, the addressee's name shall be clearly written or typed. Post office box number should also be included.
2. Except for small or full size sheets of paper, loose mail should be folded twice in order to fit mail boxes.
3. Large tan 5" x 11 1/2" envelopes are available for campus mail distribution of loose items.
4. Campus mail must be deposited in the campus post office or given to the postal clerk for distribution in mailboxes. The sender may not put campus mail in individual mailboxes.
5. Mail that is not college business will not normally be distributed through the campus mail. Exceptions must be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.


All mail accepted for postage by South Plains College (letters, manila envelopes, and packages) must have the following:

College Business

1. The complete mailing address including zip code.
2. The college's return address.
3. Be neat, typed with correct address placement and spacings.
4. College mail may be insured by the campus post office.


All stamped, private mail will be processed by the campus post office. Return addresses should appear on private mail.

Private mail cannot be insured through the college post office.

College envelopes may not be used for private mailings.

Questionable mail will be referred to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Personal packages will be received in the mailroom, but South Plains College will not be responsible for condition of the contents.

Personal packages will not be delivered; they must be picked up from the campus post office.

Personal packages may only be shipped out using the United States Postal Service.


Access to mail will only be through the box with a key.

Any part-time, work-study, or other employee sent to pick up mail must be furnished with a key to the box. Once mail leaves the campus post office, South Plains College is no longer responsible for it.

The mailbox area is always open when mall area is unlocked.