South Plains College considers workplace violence a serious matter and that such conduct poses a threat to the safety and health of all those associated with the College community.

South Plains College will not tolerate violence, or threats of violence in the workplace.

Any employee who engages in such activity will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, termination of employment.

The unauthorized possession or use of firearms, weapons, fireworks, dangerous materials or explosives of any description on college property is prohibited. Using any item in a threatening or weapon-like manner is also prohibited. Replica fire arms or simulated fire arms are prohibited from campus, unless approved by the Dean of Students in writing.

Employees should immediately report violent or potentially violent behavior to 911 or Campus Police.

Any exception to the firearms policy must be approved in writing by the President or his designee.


Amendment: Content
Approved By: Executive Council
Date Issued: 7/16/2018