The Copy Center is located in room L1 in the Library Building and the extension number is 2498.


During the Fall and Spring Semesters the Copy Center is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


The Copy Center is equipped with Xerox 4110, 7132 and WP75 copiers capable of copying large volume, high quality jobs. Collation, stapling, enlargement, reductions and copying on both sides are some of the capabilities.


1. Copy jobs may be dropped off and picked up later.
2. All copy jobs will be handled with security and confidentiality stressed.
3. Completed copy jobs will not routinely be turned over to students for pickup. Faculty is encouraged to deliver and pickup sensitive jobs such as tests, etc.
4. Users are encouraged to plan ahead since the Copy Center will not be open on weekends and evenings.
5. Cost per copy is six (6) cents per copy. Cost to college employees is six (6) cents per copy. Cost to the general public is ten (10) cents per copy.


Most departments have access to smaller copiers either in their building or adjacent buildings. These copiers are short run low volume office-type copiers.

Up to fifty (50) copies per run may be made on these machines. Cost to departments and employees on these machines is six (6) cents per copy.


-  Administration Building

-  Social Science Department

-  Admissions and Records Office

-  Business Office

Science Building

-  Math Building

-  Communications Building

-  Technical Arts Building Central Office

-  Texas Dome Athletic Offices

-  Student Assistance Center Counseling Work Room

-  Student Center Work Room

-  Visitor Center

-  Law Enforcement Building

-  Reese Building 1, 3, 4, 5 & 8

NOTE: The Library on both Levelland Campus and Reese Center have coin-operated copiers available during Library hours. The Information Access Area at the ATC has a coin-operated copier available during building hours.  The Plainview Center also has a coin-operated copier.