BIB. The College President as the Executive Officer (BP)

The College President, as the chief executive officer of the College, is responsible to the Board of Regents for the operation of the College and its programs and shall work under its direction. In fulfilling the duties of office, the President shall act within the framework of College policy. The President shall have full power and authority, as hereby delegated by the Board, to manage, control and operate the College, except to the extent that such authority is required by law to be reserved to the Board or is specifically reserved to the Board in Board Policies. Such authority and responsibility of the President shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

  1. Further the interests of the College and the College District;
  2. Act as the chief professional advisor to the Board and report on the educational and business affairs of the College;
  3. determine and recommend the plan of organization of the College;
  4. develop and recommend to the Board sound policies and practices in the administrative, fiscal and academic affairs of the College and see to the implementation of policies approved by the Board;
  5. approve the appointment and employment of faculty and all other employees of the District and recommend to the Board the employment of those staff members who, in the organizational chart, report directly to the College President;
  6. call meetings of the faculty, or other employees, as deems advisable;
  7. work with appropriate College personnel in developing and carrying out instructional and student development programs, which includes recommending for Board approval all courses, degrees and certificates in keeping with the objectives and resources of the institution.
  8. has ultimate responsibility for and exercises appropriate control over the institution's intercollegiate athletics program;
  9. investigate the needs of physical facilities for the College and make recommendations to the Board of the architectural plans and specifications for new facilities;
  10. work with appropriate College personnel to see to the proper care of College physical facilities;
  11. see to the appropriate direction of the planning and assessment efforts of the College to accomplish the mission of the college and to meet community expectations;
  12. work with appropriate College personnel in developing the annual College budget and after approval by the Board of Regents, see to the careful implementation of the budget;
  13. approve requisitions for purchases and expenditures for the operation within the limits of the budget or policy established by the Board;
  14. recommend the transfer of funds from one budget to another and recommend budget revisions as deemed advisable;
  15. directs raising funds for the support of the College and its programs;
  16. maintain amity and unity of purpose among all College personnel through establishing communication and implementing College goals and objectives.
  17. see to the appropriate representation of the institution in relationships with constituents, organizations of importance to the College;
  18. administer personnel problems and grievances of College faculty and staff without jeopardy to established due process or grievance procedures;
  19. make final approval of all official College trips involving students and other personnel that are not specifically provided for in the budget;
  20. negotiate, execute or enter into contracts or grant proposals on behalf of the College;
  21. perform any other duties requested by the Board.


Revised: 2/9/23