BMI. Dean of Enrollment Services

The Dean of Enrollment Services is responsible for developing, implementing and managing a strategic admissions program encompassing all areas of admissions including but not limited to traditional, nontraditional and international students.

The Dean plans and coordinates the admissions and records policies and procedures and ensures the security of such records, for all campuses and serves as the Chief Admissions Officer for the Institution.


  1. Plans, coordinates, and supervises the admissions, records, and registration procedures of credit programs and courses in accordance with State, Federal, and institutional regulations.
  2. Maintains admissions and records of noncredit programs and courses in accordance with State, Federal, and institutional regulations.
  3. Coordinates, develops, and implements registration and enrollment policies and procedures in consultation with the Admissions Committee, which consists of the Registrar and divisional deans and directors.
  4. Prepares all information required for the completion of credit and noncredit State, Federal, and local reports.
  5. Responsible for providing accurate course and student data for submission of State and Federal reports.
  6. Utilizes technology and information systems to effectively administer admissions and policies procedures.
  7. Create and maintain the various institutional forms utilized by the Admissions and Records office.
  8. Supports collaborative initiatives for recruitment and retention. Serves on Recruitment, Retention and Orientation Committees.
  9. Plans and coordinates the class schedules and portions of the college catalog.
  10. Plans, coordinates and implements TSI tracking procedures in accordance with state regulations.
  11. Plans, coordinates and implements the testing and evaluation of electronic transcripts.
  12. Works closely with divisional deans to confirm student degree completion.
  13. Plans, organizes, and manages the yearly commencement ceremony.
  14. Verifies and notifies students of admissions and academic eligibility.
  15. Coordinates the evaluation of transcripts for transfer student.
  16. Directs the admission processes and reviews exceptional admission cases.
  17. Develops a budget for the Admissions and Records department and administers the budget as approved.
  18. Serves as the institution’s Residency Officer concerning student residency questions.
  19. Serves as appointed on the Administrative and Academic Council.
  20. Serves on various administrative committees including but not limited to Academic and Student Services Committees and Chair the Admissions Committee. Represents the college on external committees.

21. Revises and refines all job description for the department.