CI. Telephone and Voice Mail Use


To provide guidelines for using South Plains College telephones and voice mail system. This policy applies to all employees.


Efficient telephone service is vital to South Plains College. Employees must adhere to the following guidelines:

A. Answer all calls promptly, courteously and always identifies you to the caller.

B. Hold personal calls, both incoming and outgoing, to emergencies essential personal business and keep them as brief as possible. All personal toll and long distance calls will be charged to the employee.

South Plains College has a voice mail system to improve productivity and better serve our customers. Employees are expected to operate the system correctly by reading the "Voice Mail System Manual" or seeking help from the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. This system should be used for college business only.

From time to time, especially when employees are on vacation, business trips and leaves of absence, a supervisor, or other employee may listen to voice mail messages to better serve our customers and facilitate normal college operations. Employees should not expect messages left on their voice mail to be totally private.